COVID-19 update

Program update

Our COVID-19 Customer Support Program was set up in March to provide support and temporary relief when the first wave of restrictions occurred across Australia.

Registrations for the program and the payment deferral period has now ended. If you registered for the program, we communicated options to you about your account during August.

How we’ll continue to support you

We have ongoing help available if you can't pay your bills because you’ve lost your job or your business or health has been impacted by the pandemic.

Let us know if you need additional support and we'll work with you to discuss other options. Talk to us - if we don’t hear from you, your energy supply may be at risk of disconnection in the future.

Our payment support options are always available and include:

·       Short-term arrangements such as payment extensions or instalment plans

·       Longer-term support from our hardship programs - Staying Connected if you live in NSW, QLD or SA or Payment Support Victoria if you’re in VIC.

Check if you’re eligible for government concessions, rebates or grants on our concessions page.

And see what federal and state government COVID-19 support you may be able to access, by downloading our Covid-19 Government Assistance Guide.

If you need to get in touch, or have any questions you can contact-us

We’ve contacted everyone about the status of their account and payment options.  If you need help, we have support available to you. We won’t disconnect your property or business if you’re talking to us about your situation and working with us to help manage your ongoing energy costs. 

Yes. Now the deferral period has ended, your bills should be paid by the due dates listed. This includes any overdue amounts you have from when payments were deferred. It’s important to contact us if you aren’t able to make payment by the due date, so we can discuss your options.

We’ll always be there to support our customers. You can learn more about our payment support options for residential customers. Or you can contact us to discuss your options. 

We had paused your direct debit during the payment deferral period. Most  direct debit payments have now re-started, and we’ve sent notifications of start dates. If we have your mobile number on file, SMS reminders will be sent before payments are deducted for future bills. 

If you don't already have Direct Debit set up, we suggest you wait until you’re ready to make full payment on your account, because any overdue balance will be deducted immediately. If you’re not ready, we have other payment options available.

If you have an existing Pay on Time discount, we’ll apply the discount to any non-overdue bills outstanding from the date you registered for the program, and on any bills issued during the deferral period.

Support during the crisis

Events like this can be challenging to witness and the resulting stress can make coping difficult.
If you need to talk through your experience, you can call 13 11 14 to speak with Lifeline at any time of day. 
A range of self-help tools are also available at