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Concessions, rebates and grants available in South Australia.

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If you have a low income, you could be eligible for various concessions, from the SA Government. These are managed by the Department of Human Services (DHS), through ConcessionsSA.

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About the concession

The South Australian energy bill concession is $241.63 (GST excl.) per year or $0.662 (GST excl.) per day. The concession is applied directly to your electricity bills.

Apply online or download an application form on the SA.GOV website.



To be eligible for the energy concession you must meet the following criteria:

  • you hold an eligible concession card or receive an eligible Centrelink payment
  • the address for which you are claiming must be your principal place of residence
  • the energy account must be in the name of the concession cardholder, and
  • you must not be living with anyone who has an income of more than $3,000 per year, unless they are your spouse/domestic partner/dependant, or they receive an allowance from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

You could also be eligible if you hold Asylum Seeker status.


For the full list of eligible concession cards or for more information:

The Medical Heating and Cooling Concession assists South Australians on a fixed or low income who have a clinically verified medical condition that requires the frequent use of heating or cooling in the home to stop their condition becoming severely worse.  

This concession is $241.63 per year or $0.662 (GST excl.) per day. It's available to eligible applicants in addition to the current energy concession. It's paid directly to customers by the Department of Human Services.

For more information or to apply:

The Emergency Electricity Payment Scheme (EEPS) provides assistance to South Australians who are experiencing significant financial difficulties or are at risk of having their electricity disconnected. 

EEPS is only accessible through financial counsellors, who will assess your financial situation before lodging an application. For more information or to find a financial counsellor, visit the SA.GOV website.

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