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Meter reads and self-submissions

How often is my meter read?

Residential customers and small to medium-sized enterprises, using less than 160MWh per year, usually have a basic meter that is read every three months. By 2015, 'smart' (or 'interval') meters were also rolled out for Victorian electricity customers. These meters record usage in 15 or 30 minute intervals, depending on the type of meter. They are also available to be installed for electricity in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Large companies (consuming more than 160MWh annually) also often require a smart meter. This data is automatically transmitted to the distributor and Powerdirect for billing purposes.

Actual vs estimated meter reads

If you have a smart meter, the bill you receive will be based on an actual read. If you have a basic meter, the bill you receive will have either an actual or an estimated meter read. In most cases, your meter reading will be based on the actual amount of electricity you used. However, if your meter cannot be accessed or read, or you are on monthly billing (basic meter), you will receive an estimate based on your historical usage pattern.

It’s important for meter readers to safely access your meter during normal business hours. There are several factors that can prevent a meter being read, such as locked gates or doors, building renovations and unrestrained dogs. 

Bills based on estimate reads are subsequently adjusted when an actual meter read occurs. You can also monitor your own usage data and check it against every bill.

Submitting your own self service meter read

If you have a basic meter, you can submit your own read and request that your bill be adjusted based on the meter read you provide.

Contact us on 1300 307 966 or email with your meter read and provide us with your:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Meter Number
  • Register Number (if applicable/and if more than one)

Download instructions for how to read your meter (including multiple register/consumption types)

Reasons we may not accept a meter read

In some cases, the meter read may not be accepted if:

  • The read provided is too high or too low compared to the last actual read and compared to the average usage for the site.
  • If the read was taken too far in the past. When you provide us with your meter read it needs to be current, so when you read the meter make sure you let us know the figure straight away.
  • If we request a photo and it isn’t provided or the photo provided isn’t clear and accurate.
  • Incorrect meter number provided.
  • If we’ve been advised that the meter is disconnected, faulty, or in progress to be replaced or fixed.
  • If the read is lower than the read taken when you began your energy plan with Powerdirect at this address (estimated or actual read quality), then we will wait for read verification via your Distributor before accepting/rejecting the read.

Process to raise a dispute regarding rejected meter read

Our customers are important to us and we are here to help. If you have a complaint or are not satisfied with our service, you may request a review of our decision regarding your rejected Self Service Meter Read. 

You can raise your concern and lodge a dispute with your relevant ombudsman if we can’t help you via our complaints process.