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Powerdirect customers are either on a Standard Retail Contract or a Market Contract, commonly known as an energy plan.

Below we’ve outlined the difference between the two.

What is a Market Contract?*

Market Contracts are specific energy plans that Powerdirect offers to its customers. The rates, terms and conditions of the plan may differ to the Standard Retail Contract described below. For more information on Powerdirect’s Market Contract plans refer to your state below. 

What is a Standard Retail Contract?

Standard Retail Contracts are governed by the energy regulator in your state. Depending on your state, the rates, terms and conditions may also be governed by the energy regulator. If you chose not to accept a Market Contract or where you are consuming energy at a Powerdirect site without first contacting us to set up an account, then you are on a Standard Retail Contract. For more information on Standard Retail Contract prices refer to your state below.

For Victorian customers: 

Prices for variable rate electricity plans on a market retail contract will change on 1 Feb 2022. If you sign up, we’ll let you know the new rates before then. Fixed rate plans won’t be impacted.

*The rates, fees and terms listed below for Market Contracts in each state apply for existing customers only, as we are no longer offering market plans to new customers or new sites.

Standing Offer Contract

The rates you see below are only available for existing customers and are now closed to new customers.

Residential and Small Business Rates

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Terms for small business customers

Terms for residential customers

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